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THESE 3 STEPS will REPROGRAM your body

Exercise LESS!

WHAT? Rub your eyes and check again. Yes, it still says LESS. Think of your body like a ten-speed bike. Imagine you’re trying to peddle down a hill, but no matter how fast and hard you peddle you can’t go any faster. It’s probably because you’re in the wrong gear. Your metabolism works the same way. When you learn how to make your metabolism shift gears, shedding fat will seem EASY. The trick is to strategically exercise to target posture stabilization and muscle oxygenation so that you continue to burn fat HOURS and even DAYS after your workout. That’s right, you’ll be burning fat even when you’re NOT DOING ANYTHING.

Escape the MYTHS of “LOW FAT” and “LOW CALORIE.”

We’ve all been misled to believe that low fat and low calorie diets are the key to weight loss. This is simply FALSE. Our bodies need the CORRECT foods for sustained energy, less cravings, and a clear mind. The junk food industry has made us addicted to carbs and sugars, which has left our bodies sick and overweight. When you know how to eat right, you’ll never have to focus on “calories” or “low fat” again. On the other hand, If you eat the wrong foods you’ll derail your fat loss goals and destroy your health. One SIMPLE TIP to remember: don’t shop in the middle of the grocery store. Those aisles tend to have the processed, packaged foods. Stick to the refrigerated outer aisles with the fresh, whole foods.


The role of the MIND in fat loss is HUGELY UNDERESTIMATED. To truly maximize fat loss you not only have to be strategic about how you use your BODY, you also have to be strategic about how you use your MIND. There are ways for your mind to communicate with your body to literally TARGET FAT LOSS. If you don’t use your mind in this way, instead of fat loss you’ll just get fatigue and hormone destabilization. Furthermore, it’s essential to target specific muscles through focus and awareness or else your exercises will be 30% less effective. Think about it. By simply using your mind correctly, a 20-minute workout would be just as effective as a 30-minute workout.

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Date November 9, 2016 6:34 am
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